circumcisionMaking the decision to circumcise is one that many parents face. Typically the decision to circumcise is based on religious beliefs, concerns about hygiene, or various other cultural or social factors. Circumcision is common in the United States.

For parents who opt to have their son circumcised, Dr. Jon Atiga performs this procedure on male babies, and recommends that the procedure be done within a few days of the delivery of the baby. When the birth occurs in a hospital, circumcision is usually done within 48 hours. Dr. Atiga can perform the circumcision in his office up to 30 days after the delivery, but it is done by appointment only. Please make your appointment as soon as you can, because Dr. Atiga’s schedule books up and he may not be able to accommodate your baby at the last moment.

After the circumcision procedure

  • Clean the area gently with warm water several times a day.
  • Replace soiled gauze and apply lubricants as instructed by your care provider.
  • Scabbing, light bleeding and some yellow discharge can occur. If you notice any of these symptoms, avoid aggressive rubbing of the affected area.
  • Use pain relief methods as instructed by your care provider. These can include increased breastfeeding, use of infant pain medication or topical creams.

Please contact Dr. Atiga if you have any questions about circumcision.


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