Childrens Health

Children face a myriad of health challenges and specific childhood illnesses. It is important to keep informed, because knowledge can be lifesaving.


Allergies often stem from theallergy-prone genes your child is born with, there are things that can do to lessen the chance and severity:

  • Avoid or eat sparingly the most common food allergens: nuts, eggs, cows milk, eggs, and shell fish.
  • Breastfeed your baby
  • Delay introduction of potential allergenic foods
  • Dust bust your child’s bedroom
  • No Smoking!


What to do immediately following a burn:

  • Stay Calm and calm the child
  • Stop the Heat -Submerge the burned area in cold water as fast as you can for 20 minutes
  • Do not use ice. This can cause cold damage to the skin which may make the burn worse.
  • Do not put any butter, grease, or powder on the burn.
  • Pain Relief – you can give your child the correct dose of ibuprofin.

Common Cold

A few things to know:

  • Viruses cause colds and coughs. Virtually all colds start off as a common cold virus. Whether or not your child has a fever, green nose, junky cough, or is throwing up mucus, the first several days of any cough and cold is usually due to a cold virus, not a bacteria.
  • Viruses are not treatable with antibiotics. Antibiotics will only treat the bacterial complications of colds and cough, such as pneumonia, sinus infection, and ear infection. They won’t help the basic cough and runny nose associated with a cold virus.
  • The common cold virus can cause green nasal secretions and a junky sounding cough. That green or junky does not necessarily mean a bacterial infection. Viruses can also cause this.
  • Children often vomit mucus after coughing spells. This does not necessarily mean there is something more serious going on. Lots of thick mucus will often trigger vomiting. This is usually just part of a bad cold.